Assessment Maps

Town Of Wolcott, CT
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View the GIS website – Ownership information is updated bi-weekly

Help Section

Searching for an address or owner

Map Image

Section A

As you enter a street address or owner name into the box provided, it will provide auto-complete options. You may select an auto-complete option and the application will zoom you to the appropriate location. If you are prompted with no results, chances are that a specific address number and/or street may not exist or misspelled.

In the future, we will have a section to report issues.

Map Search

Section B

Allows the user to zoom in and out of the map to get a larger or smaller view of the town at preset scales. If you left-click and hold the mouse button you will have the ability to pan around the map.

Section C

Will re-center your map to the location of the Town Hall.  This is your initial map extent.

Section D

This will the use of location services (GPS) if a mobile device is used. Be aware it is not meant for desktop/PC use.

After you select your search option.

  • The parcel will get selected and a pop-up box will appear
  • The information contained within the fields is updated on a daily basis

Location Details

When you scroll down you will be provided with options to view additional content. Such as

  1. Pre-Generated Parcel maps
  2. Direct link to VISION’s assessment webpage
  3. Assessment tax map


Knowing your Tools

  • Tool A
    Is the measurement tool and allows for area, path, and pinpoint calculation.
  • Tool B
    Is the legend for the map layers. Provides the symbols representing the spatial objects.
  • Tool C
    The option to print in multiple formats is available. New users stay with default settings.
  • Tool D
    The public notification tool allows for PDF-generated mailing lists to be created.
  • Tool E
    The layer lists allow users to turn layers on and off. List order corresponds to withdraw the order.
  • Tool Fax
    Drawing tools are available to add content or text to the map. Objects created will print.
  • Tool G
    Have the option to use a navigation tool for directions. Best if used on a mobile device.
  • Tool H
    Ability to bookmark an area of the map so you may revisit again without searching.
  • Tool I
    Choose from a variety of base map options that best fit your needs.