Is there anything I can do to help during the Revaluation?

Cooperate: A Revaluation is only as good as the information it is based upon. When the Data Collectors come to inspect your property, please let them in after they have been properly identified. Each person working for the revaluation will have been issued a photo ID card and will be registered with the Wolcott Police Department. A true and complete description of your property will result in an accurate assessment. All our efforts are made to be fair and equitable. Connecticut State Statutes require this Revaluation. Most communities if they had an option would choose not to revalue, but, it is the law. We will make every possible effort to conform to the requirement of the laws and to treat all property owners with fairness and equality.

Questions: If you understand and are satisfied with the results of the Revaluation, please allow other people the time they may need to get their questions answered

After Revaluation: Stay involved and informed by attending the Town Council Meetings that will set the mill rate which will determine the taxes you must pay. You can also watch the Town Council Meetings on the Town of Wolcott local cable station. Taxes are driven by municipal spending, not by your assessment. It is the need to generate revenue to pay for the cost of providing Town services, including education, that controls the mill rate and your taxes.

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1. What is a Revaluation?
2. Why conduct a Revaluation?
3. What does a Revaluation do?
4. What is Market Value?
5. Who determines Market Value?
6. Isn’t what I paid for my Property Market Value?
7. When will I find out what my new Market Value is?
8. Why doesn’t the notice I will receive tell me how much my taxes will be?
9. How do I decide if my New Market Value is okay?
10. Will all property values change?
11. What sales did you use to value my property?
12. What if I don’t agree with my New Market Value?
13. If I still don’t agree, can this be resolved without the expense of going to court?
14. What if I’m not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Assessment Appeals?
15. What about the Elderly and other hardship cases?
16. Is there anything I can do to help during the Revaluation?