CT Alert Emergency Notifications

What is CT Alert?
The State of Connecticut has implemented a state-of-the-art emergency notification system to alert residents anywhere in the state about life-threatening emergency conditions.  You can get emergency alerts sent to you on any communication method you use, such as your cell phone, e-mail, text message, or certain hearing impaired receiving devices, just by providing your information, and keeping it updated, on the CT Alert ENS Citizen Sign-Up Page. CT Alert ENS is managed by the State Departments of Public Safety and Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

What kinds of situations will CT Alert be used for?
Severe weather situations, substantial utility outage, evacuation notices, missing or lost persons, fires or floods, major roadway issues, significant criminal situations, chemical spill or gas leak. In short, emergencies and community alerts. 

How can CT Alert contact me?
In addition to your home phone “land line”, you can add mobile phones, Voice over IP landlines, wireless personal digital assistants, such as BlackBerry ®, e-mail, text messaging, and/or instant messaging to be included to receive alerts from CT Alert. You are responsible for any costs associated with your receipt of any emergency notification.  You can tell the system in what order you want to receive the emergency notification, by specifying your contact path order for multiple communication devices.  The system will cycle through your communication devices until the message is delivered and or confirmed on one of them. 

Does CT Alert cost me anything?
No, CT Alert is a service that is provided FREE OF CHARGE to you by the Town of Wolcott and the State of Connecticut. You are encouraged to sign up for this service.

If I already signed up for the previous Emergency Alert System (CodeRED), do I still need to sign up for CT Alert?
Yes. CT Alert is run by a different company and they do not have access to any of the information that you provided to CodeRED. You will therefore need to sign up with CT Alert.

How do I sign up for CT Alert?
Simply click on the CT Alert graphic below and you will be taken to the CT Alert website where you can sign up for this valuable service.

CT Alert Emergency Notifications